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Shrimp Saltimboca

Shrimp Saltimboca

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(Saltimboca in Italian means “Jump into your mouth”)




Veal pounded very thin and cut into strips 1″ wide by 2″ long

(Can substitute Pork Tenderloin if desired)

Large Shrimp – Peeled & Deveined

1 Bottle Cooper Vineyards Sangiovese

2 Cloves Garlic – Chopped

Fresh Basil – Minced

Fresh Oregano – Minced


Olive Oil

Alfredo Sauce (Try our Roussanne Alfredo Sauce)




Mix spices with Cooper Vineyards Sangiovese – Marinate Veal strips (or Pork) for 24 hours

Wrap Shrimp in Veal strips holding together with toothpicks

Saute in hot Olive Oil until Shrimp turn pink

Serve over Pasta (Angel Hair or Fettuccine) with Alfredo Sauce


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